Israeli Airport Security Education

In our quest to increase tourism in the Holy Land and to Israel, we discovered that many Christian clergy were complaining about "abrupt" security measures taken at Ben Gurion Airport. Many expressed a negative sense when they underwent questioning at the airport, and felt somewhat violated when searched or questioned about their religious vestments. Certainly no one denies the necessity of strict security measures at Ben Gurion Airport, but the manner in which security personnel were treating Christian clergy needed to be addressed. 


The Airport Authority, working in tandem with the Ministry of Tourism, understood this problem existed and was very happy to accept our offer to help. PTWF developed a "Manual of Etiquette" specifically designed to help educate airport personnel in these delicate matters. This informative book is now required reading, and it has been reported to PTWF that there is now a marked decrease in complaints.

PTWF wishes to compliment the Israeli Airport Authority for recognizing this problem and so quickly acting to eliminate it. Responding to such concerns is a very important factor in increasing tourism to the region. Tourism helps everyone in the Holy Land.