Magav Border Police Projects of Charity

Border Guard is often used as the official name of the Israeli Border Police in English.  

In addition to its primary function, Magav also has charitable outreach programs for the poor in Israel.

Pave the Way Foundation is pleased to sponsor many of these meaningful charitable projects designed to ease tension and lift spirits.

Pave the Way is grateful for the support of David H. Feinberg, Elliot M. Hershberg and Richard Kandel for making this project possible.





Through the Municipality of Jerusalem, PTWF works to improve conditions for the individual. Below PTWF President Gary Krupp and Director Dan Buttafuoco deliver air-conditioning units outside Jerusalem. This is another example of our "Generations" project, initiated by PTWF Director in Israel Sam Philipe and PTWF Director Richard Kandel.


PTWF Menorah atop Magav Building in Jerusalem