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Planning the Loan from the Vatican Library. The site of the Last Supper in Jerusalem.  Illuminated Maimonides Manuscripts
Gift to Cardinal Mejia and Fr. Farina of the Vatican Library from the Maimonides Research Institute of Haifa, Israel. Chief Rabbi of Rome Dr. Riccardo DiSegni and Leone Paserman, leader of the Jewish Community in Rome. Piero Laporta and Rolando Clementoni with the Krupps, Cardinal Farina and Msgr Pasini of the Vatican Library.
In June 2002, the last steel beam was removed from the WTC site. NYC Fireman Tom Fenech asked Gary Krupp to deliver a cross cut from this beam to the Pope. Mr. Krupp gave Fireman Fenech rosaries, which the Pope sent back for Tom and his wife. This picture was taken on top of the Firehouse over looking the WTC site.
Gary and Meredith Krupp present the Pope with Fireman Fenech's Cross.
Nick Drexel and Gary Krupp of PTWF with Sari Nuesebeh President of Al Quids University. Nick Drexel and Sam Philipe of PTWF distribute baby gifts for Project Baby. PTWF meeting with the Philippine Ambassador to Israel on our participation with a monument commemorating the Philippine attempt to save Jews during WWII.
Meeting with the Canon Sacrist of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Archbishop Nourhan Manougian on helping the Armenian Church preserve their manuscript collection.