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The Alexandria Declaration Documentary

by | Jan 21, 2002

Documentary on the Words and Spirit of the Alexandria Declaration.

As enlightened and peace loving peoples of all faiths, we have a responsibility to work against those forces that would commit violence while invoking the name of God. Through the efforts of our foundation, and with an initiative, such as this documentary, we hope to give a voice to the quiet majority of peace loving religious faithful worldwide. As we see daily headlines of acts of terrorism and ongoing investigations into terrorist threats, we have made a significant observation. The efforts of well meaning governments need to be directed towards the effects of terrorism rather than the cause.

Resources are being expended on defense, homeland security and investigative work. Remarkably little is being invested in addressing the environment from which the initial acts of violent radicalism grow forth. Governments have repeatedly failed in the fight against malicious religious zealots, who use religion as the vehicle to promote acts of violence and their own political agendas. Disempowered and frustrated people with little hope for their future are easily swayed by the message, that acts of violence are blessed and provide the promise of paradise for martyrdom. We believe the unified voices of the world’s religions can combat these lies.

We are producing a comprehensive documentary, featuring religious scholars and leaders of all faiths. The documentary will question how religion, and the holy books deal with the killing of innocents and the use of suicide, and how we are our brother’s keeper. The program will begin with an examination of how religion has been used throughout history for the justification of violent acts. The interviews will be multi-lingual with subtitles in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Furthermore, we wish to send the message that the so-called religious leaders, who are promoting these acts of barbarism, are simply trying to “steal the souls of the misguided”. This documentary will be free of charge to any public or private broadcasting television network worldwide. The film will be distributed through each of the participating religious groups as well. This project will partner with the original signatories of the Alexandria Declaration for Peace in the Holy Land. The Alexandria Declaration is our inspiration and blue print for this project. By empowering the silent majority to action, if one life can be saved, by preventing murderous acts in the name of religion, then this project will be a success.

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