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iPAVE ® An On-going Effort to Encourage Factual and Unbiased News Reporting

by | Jun 11, 2011

“iPAVE ®” is an organization of high school and college students who will be tasked with verifying and reporting international statements and news reports. iPAVE ® will correct inaccuracies when it can be discovered and proven that a story is rife with media generated agendas. When the public is fed erroneous information, the public will draw erroneous conclusions. This is a dangerous reality. It is up to the next generation to insist on accurate reporting. iPave® hopes to identify and engage these thoughtful, concerned students through social networking.

Pave The Way Foundation Announces the Formation of iPave® Media Watchdog

Pave The Way Foundation has embarked upon a project, dubbed iPave ®, which will task high school and college students to examine and verify the accuracy of news reporting worldwide. iPave ® aims to prevent conflict and violence created by incorrect and biased media reports.

Quote startMedia outlets must … become part of a solution rather than adding to the problemQuote end                  

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2013

Pave the Way Foundation (PTWF), a New York-based, nonsectarian organization whose mission is to bring about peace through positive inter-religious gestures and to educate the everyday person, announces the formation of iPave, an organization of high school and college students who are tasked with verifying and reporting statements and news reports worldwide. iPave will correct inaccuracies of media reporting that could otherwise cause misunderstandings, conflict and violence.

“The role which the media plays is primary with regards to international conflicts,” Gary Krupp, Founder of Pave the Way Foundation stated. “We have been working for some time to launch iPave, wherein we hope to harness the energy of today’s youth and empower them to recognize the intentional use of biased, unbalanced reporting to fuel further confrontation.”

To verify consistency and correctness of news reports, iPave members will travel to areas in question and investigate the facts firsthand. Results of their observations and reviews of media reporting will be made available on the iPave website, coming soon.

Pave the Way Foundation has previously documented numerous instances of biased reporting, with the media outlets wittingly or unwittingly forwarding agendas of continuing disagreement and strife. One example is the fact that many in the Muslim community have spoken out repeatedly against acts of violence that have defiled their religion. Yet these statements are seldom reported, leaving the public to ask, “Why haven’t the Muslims spoken up?”

The controversy surrounding the papacy of Pope Pius XII is rife with examples of biased reporting, beginning in 1962 and continuing to the present day. The many instances of incorrect reporting have created a personal prejudice in many people. It has been difficult to even get many to look at new evidence that might disagree with their already-formed opinion.

Most of the public are already aware that much of the reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is slanted one way of the other to support the agenda of the reporter and media outlet. It’s probably not likely that the Jerusalem Post and Al Jazeera would give the same report of a situation in this hotly contested area. When world opinion is based upon inaccuracies, the instigators of violence are emboldened to begin yet another war in this troubled region. The frightening reality is tantamount to a scenario of last resort; one in which weapons of mass destruction may be employed. This may in turn start a chain reaction of events which can spread worldwide.

“International conflict and acts of terror committed in the name of religion can only be resolved if viewed from a realistic prospective,” continues Gary Krupp. “Pave the Way Foundation champions the role of responsible media, yet also recognizes, unfortunately, the media’s role as a device used to fuel controversy. As we face the violence of terrorism and effects of extremism, media outlets must realize the role they play in these events and become part of a solution rather than adding to the problem.”

About Pave the Way Foundation https://www.ptwf.org/ PTWF is a nonsectarian foundation whose mission is to identify and work to resolve non-theological obstacles between religions through the trust garnered from our work to initiate historic gestures between the faiths, “paving the way” to removing the use of religion as a tool to justify private agendas and violence.

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