RXII: Resurrecting the Reputation of Pope Pius XII


A cause for all:

If you’re Jewish, it’s a Shonda
If you’re Catholic, it’s a Blasphemy
If you’re an agnostic, it’s injustice.


What happened to Pope Pius XII’s reputation is a disgrace – a Shonda.
If left to stand, a black mark on Catholicism as well as a crime against history

The Pave the Way Foundation, through its Resurrecting XII Global Media Initiative, is uniquely situated to be the force for truth in this battle against the slander and character assassination of the only world leader that saved the most Jews during the Holocaust – only to be branded as Hitler’s Pope 5 years after his death. This is an abomination before God. The Pave the Way Foundation has compiled 76,000 pages of exculpating evidence proving the Holy Father’s intervention was responsible for 850 – 950,000 Jewish lives saved. Seven decades later, the offspring of these saved souls constitute between 25 and 30% of all the Jews alive on the planet today.

To have defied and denied the Nazis, who had a death grip on all of Europe, in their efforts to exterminate every Jew was a monumental undertaking for the pontiff. Fraught with peril as the clergy, the churches, and parishioners faced certain execution from the SS across all of Europe, his bold, decisive “quiet” leadership has resulted in the millions who are alive today – that is indeed a miracle.

76,000 pages of evidence is a good start, but more is needed. A change in world opinion is necessary. Resurrecting XII’s global media initiative is designed to bring the injustice and libel imposed on Pope Pius’s memory to the attention of the world. Utilizing the media and a massive PR campaign, a documentary, a feature film, and enhanced internet access, the terrible wrong committed against Eugenio Pacelli, the 12th Pope to take the name Pius, will be rectified and on the path leading to the resurrection of his character.

We will Pave the Way!

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